It’s All About Quality

At first glance, selfies may seem just as good as professional photos. After all, they both capture your image! But there’s more to it than that. Professional photos are taken with top-of-the-line equipment, and they feature special effects and angles that make you look your absolute best. You won’t get this kind of quality from your iPhone camera! Plus, professional photographers understand how to bring out your personality and accentuate your features. They won’t just take a picture; they will capture a moment in time so you can remember it forever.

It’s About More Than Just Pictures

Senior photos aren't just about taking pictures; they're also about making memories. When you schedule an appointment with a photographer for your senior portraits, you'll be able to choose from several different packages that offer different backdrops and props so you can create the perfect photo shoot for yourself. It's like having a mini photoshoot session with friends or family members—except this time around, all eyes are on you! A fun photoshoot could really be something special to look back on after graduation day has come and gone.

It’s An Investment In Your Future

Your senior year will go by quickly—but if there's one thing that can last forever, it's your senior portraits! Unlike most other things from high school (like cramming for tests or filling out college applications), these photos will stay with you no matter what comes next in life. Whether you decide to hang them up at home or share them online with friends and family members across the globe, these timeless images will remain a part of your life well into adulthood—and beyond!

Senior portraits might seem like an old-fashioned custom at first glance—but trust us when we say that they are still worth every penny! Not only do they provide high-quality photographs of yourself that will last forever but they also give you the opportunity to make some unforgettable memories during what may be one of the most important years of your life. So don't forget—even if you've got 192,000 selfies already in your repertoire, senior portraits should still be part of your high school experience too!

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