Gardens and Parks

Gardens and parks are great places to take photos because they offer a natural and breath-taking backdrop. You can use trees, flowers, plants, and other natural elements as props in order to capture unique shots with plenty of colour. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to find a spot with a picturesque view.

Urban Areas

If you’re looking for something a little more gritty and industrial, urban areas are perfect locations for photography. The concrete jungle provides limitless opportunities for creative shots with plenty of texture and character. From street art to architecture – there is no shortage of inspiration in the city!


Who doesn’t love taking photos at the beach? The sunsets alone will provide hours of creative fun! But don’t forget about all the sand dunes and boardwalks either - these can be great spots for capturing people-focused images with plenty of atmosphere. Bonus points if you manage to catch some surfers in action!

No matter what type of photography you do, having fresh ideas is essential for keeping things interesting. From gardens and parks, urban areas, or beaches - there are so many amazing places just waiting to be photographed. All it takes is a little bit of exploration and creativity – so grab your camera and get out there! With these exciting photography location ideas in mind, snapping great shots will be effortless!

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