Deciding what to wear come shoot day can feel a bit daunting. You’ve got patterns, fabrics, colors, so many options to choose from! But never fear! Here’s a handy dandy list to help you get started.

Choosing Your Color Palette:

Colors are an amazing thing. They’re the first step into a world of feeling when it comes to any kind of artwork. Thankfully Sir Isaac Newton made us a handy dandy little chart to help us sort out how to control the feeling we want. That would of course be the color wheel! Colors closer together on the wheel are called analogous, while the ones directly apart are what we commonly know as complimentary colors. The color wheel is a magnificent tool for choosing what outfits you want depending on location. If you want your outfit to pop in a lush, green location, go for red or orange tones. If you want to create a more subtle image in a greener terrain, go for tones closer to green on the color wheel, like blues or yellows. 

Makin’ Moves:

When choosing your outfit, try to keep in mind how well the fabric moves with you. Is it lightweight enough to spin around? Does the sun hit it in an interesting way? All of these elements aren’t necessary for a photoshoot, but they sure will take your photos up a notch.

Stay Comfy:

While getting all fancy in your ball gown and heels will make you feel like an absolute princess, it makes for some slippery slidin’ in the snow. Keep in mind the season and terrain of where you’ll be photographed before your shoot, I guarantee a comfy model takes way better pictures than an uncomfy model. With that being said, only you can gauge your own comfort level. If you want to rock some heels and a mini skirt in January, let’s do it! But to lean on the safe side, let’s bring a back-up parka for afterward. 

Matchy Matchy:

Matching is usually something I tell clients to avoid, just because when one color blends into the next it tends to end up looking like one uniform mass. To avoid the color blob lean more toward colors and patterns that compliment each other, rather than blatantly match, (refer back to the color wheel.) Analyze and Accessorize: I am ALWAYS down for a good hat, scarf, jewelry. You name it! The right accessories amp up your personality and draw attention to your gorgeous face and genuine YOU-ness. THOUGH, the wrong ones can call all that attention on themselves. Chunky bangles and giant watch faces, cell phones poking out of your pocket, and hair ties on your wrist, can draw all the attention in your photos to that one thing instead of capturing your moments.

Mad Props:

If you’ve ever photographed with me before, it’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of props. All the props, props 4-ever. I know props get kind of a bad rap due to the 90’s portrait studio sessions, but that’s before photographers realized anything and everything can be a prop. The hat that you’re super attached to, the skateboard you ride to work, your favorite beer or snack food. The best thing about props is that they’re supposed to be different for everybody. The things that would HAVE to be featured in the Lifetime movie debut about your life, THOSE are your props.

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