Should Your Have a Wedding First Look?

A wedding first look is an intimate moment between the bride and groom before the ceremony. It’s a special moment that allows for photos to be taken of the couple together before they walk down the aisle, as well as a chance for them to share a private moment together. But should you have one? Here’s what you need to know about why having a first look can make your day even more special. 

Relieves Anxiety 

 Having a first look can help alleviate any pre-ceremony jitters or stress. After all, this is likely one of the most important days in both of your lives! Taking a few moments alone together before the ceremony will help ease those wedding day nerves and allow you to settle into your big day. This also gives you time to take in all the details of your partner’s outfit without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

 More Time for Photos 

 Having a first look means there will be time for more photo ops before, during, and after the ceremony. Plus, it allows for photos to be taken without worrying about making it to the reception on time! This means that you will have plenty of beautiful images from different moments throughout your day that can be cherished forever. 

 Creates Intimacy 

 The most important thing about having a first look is creating an intimate space between just the two of you on your big day. It’s an opportunity to take a step back from all of the commotion and soak up this special occasion with someone who matters most. Plus, it creates an opportunity for emotions to flow freely without feeling like everyone is watching—it's truly special when shared between just the bride and groom! 

A wedding first look is something that many couples choose on their big day and there are plenty of reasons why! Whether you want some extra time for photos or simply want an intimate moment with your partner before saying “I do”, having a first look can provide that added warmth during such an exciting time in life. If you are considering having one at your wedding, think through each option carefully so that you can make sure it fits into your unique vision for your wedding day!

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