Choose Clothes That Reflect Your Style—Then and Now!

Your senior pictures should capture who you were at the time they were taken—that doesn’t mean they need to stay that way forever. Choose clothing items that reflect your style then and now; this means timeless pieces such as classic denim jackets or a stylish blazer. That way, when you look back in 20 years, you’ll still recognize yourself but also feel proud of what fashion trends you followed!

Choose Locations That Represent Your Interests

Where your photos are taken can have a major impact on how they turn out. Think about what interests or hobbies you had (or have!) and search for locations that represent them. If sports was something that was important to you in high school, consider heading over to the local basketball court for some shots. Or if music was more your thing, perhaps taking photos at a nearby record store would be the perfect spot to grab some creative shots!

Put Your Best Face Forward — Literally!

When it comes time for the actual photo shoot itself, it’s important to put on your best face forward — literally! Make sure whatever facial expressions or poses you choose capture your personality accurately while still being flattering and age-appropriate. Don’t forget to practice smiling in front of the mirror before the big day so that when it comes time to take those all-important senior portraits, they come out looking great!

With just a few simple steps, taking senior pictures can be an enjoyable experience that produces photos worth cherishing for years to come. So don't worry about feeling embarrassed when looking back on them in 20 years - by following these tips and tricks listed above, rest assured knowing that no matter how much time passes by since their creation - these photos will always bring a smile to your face! Plus it doesn't hurt if they show off some awesome fashion sense too :) So get out there and start making some memories with those senior pics today. Good luck!

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