I know it may seem like it sometimes, but you don't have to be a model to approach your photoshoot with the utmost confidence. It just takes a little bit of understanding toward light, lines, and how together they work to accentuate every bit of your natural allure. First off, I would say:


I know it seems simple enough, but sometimes you just don't very well feel like taking a selfie. I get it, trust me, but sometimes a little selfie action is all it takes to get you feeling like the gorgeous dime piece that you are. The only problem with practicing with selfies is that you have a very limited range of motion, so my next tip is to 

Trust your photographer:

More often than not I photograph models that are so sure of their angles (via taking selfies) that they don't want to experiment with any others. Their bodies naturally do the same thing in every pose, because your brain has conditioned you into thinking that's the way you look best. But guess what, YOU'RE HOT AT SO MANY ANGLES! If your photographer says to do something that feels unnatural, give it a shot. If the picture's bad it'll get tossed, but if it's good it'll be a new angle for you to appreciate yo' fine a$$ self.

Think looooong thoughts:

 If we've ever photographed together, you've heard me say this, "Think long thoughts." Photographs are nothing more than the manipulation of light, shadow, and line, so imagine every photo of yourself this way. Take ego out of it, you are just light, shadow, and line. When you touch your face; long fingers, when you stretch your legs; point your toes, when you sit down; elongate your torso. It can feel overwhelming to be thinking all of these things during your shoot, so just remember the phrase, "think long thoughts."

Double chin no-no:

Anyone from the Myspace generation will know how natural it feels to point your head down with your eyes up to the camera, but more likely than not the camera will not be at Myspace selfie height. That pose from any other angle will shorten your neck, so remember to keep you head held high!


It is VERY common to be overthinking about all of these tips and tricks you learned about on Pinterest that you forget to enjoy yourself. The most important thing above all is to not let yourself get in your head. Stress comes through on camera, so if you need a minute to breathe and center yourself, that's okay. You got this.

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